Retribution Gospel Choir

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Retribution Gospel Choir - 3

Q: How do you follow-up a four-song 7”?
A: With a two-song full-length.

One song per side, this radio-format-challenged record will come out January 22, 2013 on Chaperone Records. Side A “Can’t Walk Out” is the crown jewel of recent RGC live shows with it’s repetitive, building, almost free, freakout - so far, probably the most accurate recording of what the band brings to the stage. Side B “Seven” sees the more sprawling side of the band - haunting, epic, and enhanced throughout by guest guitarist Nels Cline. These songs were tracked live, playing together in the same room, one take each. Read More...

Current Tours

Date Venue City State With Tickets
Wed 05/13/15 House Of Rock Eau Claire WI Giants of Midguard, Whale House Buy
Thu 05/14/15 Hideout Chicago IL Tuff Slang Buy
Fri 05/15/15 Cactus Club Milwaukee WI Milwaukee Psych Fest, The Myrrors, Moss Folk Buy
Sat 05/16/15 Art-A-Whirl Festival Minneapolis MN Buy
Sat 07/18/15 Eaux Claires Eau Claire WI Buy

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