José James

Blue Note


Singer-songwriter José James has always been on the quest for new musical horizons; constantly evolving and blurring the lines between genres in the process. Now on the heels of his critically acclaimed Blue Note Records debut No Beginning No End, José returns with his dynamic and daring fifth album While You Were Sleeping. While keeping his trademark soulful baritone at the forefront, José adeptly weaves elements of indie rock, folk, funk, blues, hip hop and R&B into an experience journeying from desire to introspection and spiritual epiphany. “As an artist, I’m going to keep evolving,” he says resolutely. “I think my fans have now come to expect this from me. They want to know what I’m going to do next.” Read More...

Current Tours

Date Venue City State With Tickets
Tue 09/16/14 The Crocodile Seattle WA GIZMO, DJ AC LEWIS Buy
Wed 09/17/14 Star Theater Portland OR GIZMO, Dove Driver Buy
Thu 09/18/14 The New Parish Oakland CA GIZMO
Fri 09/19/14 The New Parish Oakland CA GIZMO
Sat 09/20/14 Troubadour Los Angeles CA GIZMO
Thu 11/13/14 New Jersey Performing Arts Center Newark NJ 3rd Annual James Moody Democracy of Jazz Festival Buy
Wed 12/03/14 Rockwood Music Hall New York NY Buy

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